jeffrey w. savage

I am the descendant of a Wisconsin carpenter and an Oklahoma farmer with the combined traits of a Norwegian craftsman, nineteenth-century land-runner and international oil explorer. Equal parts risk-taker and precision-maker. 

As a Creative and Design Director, my career has been defined by the stories I’ve told and the manner in which I’ve told them. I’ve consistently pursued ways in which to not only engage an audience, but make the experience memorable. Capturing the essence of a brand and presenting it confidently and fearlessly.

These stories would include how I wrote a biography without words, built a neighborhood without lifting a hammer, and even translated the language of southwestern artifacts. It would also include how I made wine for one of the oldest Napa Valley wineries, positively impacted billions of dollars by just changing a noun to a verb, and helped a nun save the lives of African children. These are stories worth telling, and I’m proud to say, ones in which I’ve told.

However, what truly defines me is my life experiences and the people I have shared them with along the way. It is about the relationships and how they have impacted my life. A life that is, thankfully, free from dust bowls, dysentery and missing fingers.